Next to the village you can find a splendid roman church of 1100. You will notice it’s oltramontani architectonic influences. Most remarkable is the architrave of the same portal, that it represents, in a bassorilievo dated 1234, the Adoration of the Magi. The castle of Talciona comes remembered in the donation of Ugo, marquis of Tuscany, givem 10 August 998 in favour of the Abbey of Marturi with the indication “castle de Calcione”; in 1089, it turns out cited in an other donation stipulated from the nobleman Mingarda di Morando. To the beginnings of XII the century they resided to you i “peasant sons”, the future family of the Soarzi getlteman of Staggia. In 1203, during the definition of the borders between the senese territories and fiorentino in this zone, the castle of Talciona does not come cited while the church iw was.

After its insertion in the peasantry fiorentino, the locality in XV the century entered then in possession of the Adimari family, and comes indicated like villa. The complex therefore was reduced to opened village, probably between the beginnings of XIII the century and XV the century; the first proposed date seems more probable however. The first attestation of the Church of Saint Maria was around 1156. Part of its people was moved in the senese part of castle Bonizio the hill where they built up the church of Santo Stefano in Talciona in 1156. The church is an interesting example of tardoromanic building conserved almost integrally. The facade to hut introduces the increasing arc with decorated metal ring wrapping with reasons similar to those proposals in the overlapping eye. On the architrave, supported from mensolette concave decorated with beastly figures, is carved the Adoration of the Magi, shapes rather rozze probably work than local maestranze; the dating is supplied from the recording of year 1234. The imbotto of the archivolt of it monopierces is decorated with rose abstract figures not from Tuscany cultural experiences.

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